Family photography holds immense importance as it serves as a visual narrative of our lives, capturing cherished moments, relationships, and milestones. These photographs not only freeze fleeting moments in time but also become tangible reminders of the love, laughter, and bonds shared among family members. They document the growth of children, the evolution of relationships, and the passage of time, allowing us to revisit and relive those precious memories years down the line. Family photography preserves our heritage, offering future generations a window into their roots and the stories of their ancestors. Beyond mere images, family photography fosters connection, providing opportunities for families to come together, create shared experiences, and strengthen their bonds. In essence, family photography is not just about capturing smiles and poses; it's about preserving the essence of family life and the enduring love that binds us together.

On-location lifestyle family photography with a mobile studio offers numerous benefits:


 Capturing your family in natural environments results in genuine interactions and emotions, yielding more meaningful images.


Your family will save time and hassle by having the studio brought to them, eliminating the need to travel.


Tailored shoots incorporate your family's interests, hobbies, and favorite locations, ensuring highly personalized images.


My mobile studios adapt to various locations, allowing your family to choose settings with sentimental value or stunning backdrops.


Photographing in familiar surroundings helps your family members relax, leading to more natural and candid expressions.


Lifestyle photography preserves everyday moments and special occasions, creating cherished memories for years to come.

Overall, on-location lifestyle family photography with a mobile studio provides a convenient, personalized, and authentic approach to documenting your family life.



Session Includes:

1 hour session 

multiple fun, and unique poses

2 optional outfit changes

Family, sibling, individual, and optional headshot images will be taken

Feel free to bring your family pet! 

(NOTE: some locations do not allow pets so please confirm before your session)

5 digital images printable up to 8x10, fully retouched with reproduction rights

Option to purchase additional images available