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Here goes...the culmination of 4 months worth of Photoshop classes and graphic design principles; all into the final project for the semester, a self-portrait, magazine cover highlighting something wethe original logo for the Jackalope GrillWhen deciding on a concept to redesign the Jackalope Grill logo, I decided to review their website and gather as much information about their clientele and their atmosphere as possible.  Yet, attemptiThis exercise was definitely more challenging than anticipated...I may say that about all the assignments. I can't remember.  The point is that I go into the assignment with a preconceived notion of sThis is the 3rd exercise for my Media Graphics Production class.  This assignment surrounded learning and understanding color theory...which, was much, MUCH more of a science than I anticipated.  

ThPhoto restoration was not what I expected for a first assignment in a, relatively, introductory Photoshop course.  But, it proved to be an interesting challenge forcing me to utilize aspects of CS5 th