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for·tu·i·tous (fôr-tōō'ĭ-təs, -tyōō'-)
1. Happening by a fortunate accident or chance.
2. Lucky or fortunate.
3. happening or produced by chance; accidental: a fortuitous encounter.

Documenting life, as it happens, because the best moments in life are fortuitous!

I also like mixing the "old" with the "new" and putting the "IT" in Trad"IT"ional! So, if you want zombies in your engagement session or maybe you want to be saved by a "faster than a speeding train" superhero? Perhaps you and your S.O. are into video games...what a better way to capture the unique qualities of your love than to photograph you battling out an epic game of Pac-Man on an arcade game or couch-surfing at your domicile with your Xbox controllers in hand??

Maybe your family is really into zombies and horror movies? What better way to memorialize the ones you love than in a zombie family photo? That's ok if you're NOT into things like this too! I also love to capture your family and loved ones....just BEING your family and being your loved ones...being themselves.

Maybe you all have a family game or movie night together...why not hire me to spend time photographing your family playing games together or preparing dinner or making up a batch of popcorn and then everyone sitting down to watch the movie together? Posed in front of the fireplace is fine too...but, is that REALLY your family? Are they really always sitting up straight, with perfect hair and matching outfits? I love taking those pics too...and there is definitely a place for those pics. But, I think, when you go to look at pics of your loved ones, you're going to sit with the imperfect photos the most. The pics where their hair is tussled or their clothes stained from hard work or hard play. Those are the pics that usually wind up on the fridge, or crumpled up in a purse or wallet...or our scrapbooks.

Yes, I shoot people and they pay me! :D In all seriousness though, I do! I shoot models, actors, marketing moguls, corporate head-shots, brides etc. But, I shoot everyday people too! That is to say, families, portraits, seniors, candid, lifestyle, or just for fun! I photography tasteful boudoir AND pin-up too!

This isn't because I can't decide WHAT I want to shoot, it's because I love to shoot! So, I diversify and I adapt so that I can continue to shoot a lot of different things. Though what I shoot may vary, my style is very "me" and my style means shooting for your needs too!

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Denver, CO 80203
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I can't wait to hear from you and look forward to documenting your life and the loved ones you share it with!

Also, I'm text message friendly! Feel free to shoot me a text or sms message, email or call.
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Guestbook for Fortuitous Photography
Heather is a fabulous photographer. She has a real knack of catching the real moment and she has worked not only for me privately for pictures of my husband and I with our dog, but our business uses her as well to photograph educational settings and other events. I recommend her to anyone who wants photos that catch those real moments that really made life worth living.
Love the web site and the photos are amazing.

Congrats on getting a studio in Northglenn. Can't wait for the Grand Opening!

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Tiffany Rhazi
Great job Heather! You really helped us out and I have passed your card around!
I had the pleasure to work with Miss Heather. She is such a wonderful photographer. So sweet and talented! The time I had to work with her was enjoyable and the end result of my photoshoot was more than I expected. Thank you Heather!
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